Carl Widell

My Interests

     My projects focus cutting edge technologies on economic and social problems in developing countries.  An expert on structured finance, I have introduced  solutions in telecommunications, software and energy to locales where new technologies can 'leap frog' conventional solutions.

Current Projects

     My company, Vané Consulting, is currently installing solar generating plants in remote villages in Ghana to provide electricity for the first time to this area.


    I develop companies to exploit emerging opportunities in software, telecom or alternative energy. Currently my company is installing solar electrical generating facilities in large corporations in West Africa. Past companies have focused on the regasification of liquid natural gas, third world telecom systems, satellite imagery and software development.  My thesis at Princeton was focused on the development of emerging economies and my combat experience in the Marine Corps taught me the basics of computer hardware and software.



Vané Consulting LLC - Managing Partner

We are currently developing and managing  energy projects in West Africa.  See

Development Equities Associates, Inc.

CFO of energy development company dedicated to raising funds for projects in emerging markets.

Network Technologies International, Inc.

CFO of international communications company active in Africa.

Ventel Telecommunications, Inc.

President and founder of a telecommunications company active in  emerging markets.

Third World Foundation

CFO and operations manager of NASA funded NGO which trained emerging market scientists on satellite image interpretation.

TTI, Inc.

President and founder of a software company focused on hospital software.  It went public in 1996.